PayPal’s New ‘Open’ Payment Platform Gets Microsoft’s Endorsement

PayPal has spent the last decade trying to standardize (and dominate) the transactional side of e-commerce — and now it’s got its eyes on the newly booming apps and cloud computing market.

The eBay-owned company is opening up its platform to third-party developers this fall, so that everyone from individual app-makers, to social gaming companies and software startups will be able to plug global payment options into their applications from the start.

That means users in different countries, with different currencies, and even on different devices (including mobile phones and set-top boxes) will be able to start paying for apps and services as quickly and securely as they’re used to doing on the desktop.

And during the kickoff of a developer training session for the new “PayPal X” platform, it got an endorsement from arguably one of the most powerful companies in software development today: Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), which announced that it will be supporting PayPal X in its own cloud-computing platform, Windows Azure.