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@ Brainstorm Tech: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: Turning The Culture Around

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Still hot here in Pasadena, at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference this morning. Tim Armstrong, the CEO of AOL (NYSE: TWX) is on now, and is covering most of the points he did in interviews earlier this week. I am live tweeting some of the bits here, and some edited/modified highlights below:

»  Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL: We are trying to bring Silicon Valley type of sensibility to content.

»  More VC investment in content systems than ad systems over time, and we want to do former.

»  Have done 4-5 reviews of Mapquest since I joined. Lotsa work still to do there, around engineering, not strategy.

»  Respect for brand marketers has kicked in for us.

»  Armstrong to AOL Ventures: This is manifest destiny for you: this is the playbox and figure out your future.

»  Relegence and Truveo are big assets for us.

One Response to “@ Brainstorm Tech: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: Turning The Culture Around”

  1. Elliot Spitzer

    What in the world is "a Silicon Valley type of sensibility to content"? That sounds lofty but like a cream puff, no food value.

    Silicon Valley sensibility is all about technology applications. They know nothing about content. Call Harvey Levin if you want to understand content.

    Even FB is just a platform for user generated content.

    How many ad systems does AOL need or not have? They've bought an ad server, and kicked DoubleClick out, Tacoda, Quigo, Truveo, etc., etc.

    AOL has respected brand marketers for years. Google is the company that has not shown much or any respect for brand marketers. Tim must be referring to himself and Levick.