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Surely You’re Joking: Feynman Physics Lectures Online

Outside of my dad, I don’t have a lot of “heroes,” though physicist Richard Feynman comes pretty close. I’m not smart enough to fully grasp everything he did or taught, but I appreciate how the guy never stopped being curious or adventurous and was could master just about anything he put his mind to.


If you’re a Feynman fan or just interested in physics (or not), then you should head over to Project Tuva. Created by Microsoft Research, Project Tuva is an interactive video collection of Feynman presenting on various physics topics. Built in Silverlight (naturally), Project Tuva provides not only original Feynman lectures, but also searchable transcripts, note taking and links to external, supporting content.

The site currently collects Feynman’s “Messenger Series” of lectures from 1964, which includes talks on such topics as “Law of Graviation,” “The Distinction of Past and Future,” and “The Relation of Mathematics and Physics.” To call them “talks” makes them sound dull, a word I’ve never heard associated with Mr. Feynman.

It’s not too surprising that Microsoft would put together something like this. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is a huge Feynman fan, and passion projects like this are what gobs of money are for.

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  1. I’m a huge Feynman fan. It was his books which made me want to become a physicist way back in high school. I’ve still got his Think Different poster on my wall, and a bunch of his lectures on CD. I could not be more excited about this!

    David Nett
    Creator, GOLD
    the web series that does double damage