Plastic Logic eReader Going with AT&T: iPhone Owners Scream

Plastic LogicElectronic e-book readers hit the big time when Amazon (s amzn) released the Kindle. Whether you like the Kindle or not, it has instigated a surge in e-book purchases by consumers. That’s largely why Barnes & Noble (s bks) has launched its own online e-book store, and released an iPhone app to work with it. B&N also recently announced an electronic reader of its own, the Plastic Logic eReader. This reader has both Wi-Fi and 3G onboard and Plastic Logic said today that it will be connecting with the AT&T (s t) network. This is good news for Plastic Logic but probably not for all the iPhone (s aapl) owners who already find the AT&T network saturated.

The Plastic Logic eReader is a full 8.5×11 inch reader, making it a competitor to the Kindle DX. It is thin and light and is expected to be released by the end of the year. The e-book world is heating up. Hopefully, B&N learned from Amazon what not to do to tick off customers.