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Plastic Logic eReader Going with AT&T: iPhone Owners Scream

Plastic LogicElectronic e-book readers hit the big time when Amazon (s amzn) released the Kindle. Whether you like the Kindle or not, it has instigated a surge in e-book purchases by consumers. That’s largely why Barnes & Noble (s bks) has launched its own online e-book store, and released an iPhone app to work with it. B&N also recently announced an electronic reader of its own, the Plastic Logic eReader. This reader has both Wi-Fi and 3G onboard and Plastic Logic said today that it will be connecting with the AT&T (s t) network. This is good news for Plastic Logic but probably not for all the iPhone (s aapl) owners who already find the AT&T network saturated.

The Plastic Logic eReader is a full 8.5×11 inch reader, making it a competitor to the Kindle DX. It is thin and light and is expected to be released by the end of the year. The e-book world is heating up. Hopefully, B&N learned from Amazon what not to do to tick off customers.

8 Responses to “Plastic Logic eReader Going with AT&T: iPhone Owners Scream”

  1. I have both the Kindle and Kindle 2 and ONE THING CONTINUES….NO REAL ABILITY TO ORGANIZE YOUR BOOKS! It’s been more than a year, and now three models and still the Kindle is braindead on organizing books. I have 64 books and have to trudge through each of them to find the one I want. WHAT IF I HAD 1500 books as they say is possible. For example, I can’t even sort by fiction, non-fiction. I can’t set up a category for “ALREADY READ” books. All it will do is sort by author name or book title. I’ve been sending Amazon messages since my wife got our Kindles. Nothing. I wish Plastic Logic well…perhaps it will kick Amazon into mental gear and get us a way of organizing our books!

  2. bluespapa

    I don’t have a Kindle to compare, but aren’t the data transfers for ebooks a matter of a few seconds very occasionally, as opposed to voice calls and web surfing? It might should irritating to ATT customers, but will it really be a cause of slow-downs?

    • bluespapa

      I didn’t really mean “might should”; I just meant might. The local colloquialism is “might could,” anyway, and I don’t use it because I’m not really from here.

  3. Very exciting stuff! Below is excerpt from plastic logic websit.
    Game-changing technology
    Designed with the business professional in mind, our eReader is bursting with innovation:
    The Largest Screen in the Industry. At a whopping 8.5 x 11 inches, our letter-sized eReader makes reading business documents, newspapers and periodicals effortless.
    Incredibly Thin and Lightweight. Our eReader is lighter than most business periodicals-just about a 1/4 inch thick.
    Gesture-Based Interface & Markup. Our eReader incorporates touchscreen technology that makes navigation and annotation simple, natural and intuitive.
    First-Ever High-Quality Plastic Display. Glare- and eye-strain-free, our eReader makes it easy to read virtually anywhere your life takes you.
    Long-Lasting Battery. Because our eReader uses EInk, a technology that has a lower power consumption, a single charge lasts days, not hours.
    Wired and Wireless Capability. Connect to your information wirelessly and store thousands of documents on the eReader to have what you need when you need it.
    Our two-phased entry into the market will begin in the second half of 2009 with pilots and trials with key partners. We expect to accelerate the momentum of our sales in 2010.

  4. ojleblanc

    This is very exciting! Now if Plastic Logic will display newspapers in newsprint format, I will kick my Sony Reader to the curb. (Sorry Sony!)