More Mobile Broadband Subscribers Means More Video


The future of video could be right in your hands. Literally. Mobile video is on the grow with no signs of slowing down. As Om points out over at GigaOM, there could be more than 250 million wireless broadband subscribers by the end of 2009.

And those subscribers aren’t just getting faster connections for sending txts 2 thr frnds. A new generation is growing up with mobile video. Nielsen recently found that teens make up more than 20 percent of the mobile video market and watch more mobile video than the average user.

YouTube (s GOOG) has said that mobile video is an “exponentially” growing part of its site, thanks, in part to the release of Apple’s (s AAPL) iPhone 3GS.

And there has been some funding activity in the mobile video space lately, with QuickPlay raising $12 million and Qik getting $5.5 million.


Dave Brown

First of all, full disclosure…I am a Solutions Manager for Cisco who works in the cable area.

We have an initiative called the “Visual Networking Index” or VNI, that measures real traffic in a sampling of service provider networks across the globe — and we then use that data to forecast video and IP growth rates. Our data certainly reinforces the view here. For example:

1) Based on VNI data, we expect mobile traffic to double every year through 2013.

2) By 2013, 90% of all internet traffic is expected to be video…and that will be driven by video delivered to all types of devices, including mobile.

Not only do we expect a lot more people to be viewing mobile video, but we also expect the quality to improve. HD video on mobile devices is going to be the norm sooner than we think (with HD video already available on inexpensive devices such as the Flip camera).

Some of the challenges that need to be solved include improving simplicity, making it easier to convert videos for use on different devices, and improving video search and recommendations for use across devices.

There is no question that consumers want mobile video…the only question is (a) how to make it easy and (b) how to deliver it using a model both profitable for the content provider / service provider and at a price consumers will pay.

Single Maria

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