Spider-Man Director Sam Raimi Takes On World Of Warcraft

Gamers have salivated over the possibility of a World of Warcraft movie ever since Blizzard Entertainment sold the rights to Legendary Pictures in 2007, but no real details have come of the partnership since then. Now, the film at least has a big name director: Spider-Man alum Sam Raimi.

Raimi will direct and produce, along with Charles Roven (producer of the blockbusters Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). Chris Metzen, Blizzard’s SVP of creative development will also co-produce, along with a number of other partners.

Raimi has been successful at porting popular source material from its primary medium (i.e. a Spider-Man comic) to the big screen — but with no ETA on a release date, no plot details and no info on who the actors will be, his track record doesn’t guarantee that the new World of Warcraft film will live up to what will undoubtedly be massive hype.

There’s also the propensity for most game-based films to bomb at the box-office — regardless of who the director is — but fans (like myself) can only hope that this one will buck that trend. Release.