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@ Brainstorm Tech: Iger: Skeptical on TV Everywhere

The Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference started this afternoon in a humid Pasadena, and first up: Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS). Among other things, he discussed TV Everywhere effort, and it is clear he’s skeptical of the effort. I am live tweeting some of the bits here, and some highlights below:

» Iger: Privacy is a big issue, I know, but usually raised by older people. We will have enough info to sell to marketers.

» Iger: CPMs are higher online for us than TV/cable, but we’re selling less units.

»  Iger on TV Everywhere: Authentication: This is very nascent tech and we don’t want to take away from consumer experience.

»  Iger on TV Everywhere: We are not seeing evidence of cord-cutting, so why be part of something which isn’t happening?

»  Iger on TV Everywhere: We don’t want to be confrontational with the multi-channel industry.

»  Iger on Hulu: We were skeptical in beginning when it launched. Hulu will have multiple revenue streams down the line.

»  Iger: We are developing a subscription service for movies/TV shows/games.

» Iger: AFV is the longest running show on ABC, at 20 years. But we didn’t think of YouTube.

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  1. GreenScreenCinema

    In regard to the subscription serivce: I think it's worth mentioning that a YouTube Partner has already made a business out of charging for Disney content that's been uploaded to YouTube. And the partner doesn't even appear to have a license for the content, so the YouTube-enabled Disney pay site ( will probably be infringing on the real Disney pay site when it goes live. You can check out the scoop at ("Copyfight! YouTube takes on Disney").