Mochi Media Gets Into Virtual Currency Game

Mochi Coin PurchaseMochi Media is adding a virtual currency/microtransaction system to its network of online Flash games today. Players can use Mochi Coins to buy in-game upgrades for 16 titles from its game developer partners. Want a “tactical chain saw” in SAS Zombie Assault II>? (And really, who doesn’t?), it’ll cost you 600 Mochi Coins — around 75 cents, given the 800-to-$1 exchange rate.

Mochi joins an increasingly crowded and competitive market for virtual currency solutions to monetize online games, with Facebook’s own system soon to come. (And in all likelihood, a standards war among competing virtual currencies soon to follow.) With 100 million monthly unique users across its network, however, Mochi immediately becomes one of its lead players. I’m watching this space closely, because as I noted in my GigaOM Pro analysis of virtual worlds (subscription required), monetization of virtual currency is one of the market’s biggest opportunities. Unsurprisingly, while Mochi currently has no virtual worlds in its network, in a phone call earlier today, Mochi’s Jameson Hsu told me to expect MMO partnership announcements soon.

Image credit: Mochi/Ninjakiwi.</em