Help Shape Business Ideas With the Idea Anglers

Idea Anglers LogoHere at WebWorkerDaily we’ve written a lot about Twitter and its increasing usefulness for productivity, business and networking. As it grows in popularity, there have been a multitude of businesses that have been formed around the service. One such service is Idea Anglers, a community for entrepreneurs looking for help in shaping their business ideas.

It’s been a real pleasure to watch Idea Anglers take form right before my very eyes. Founders Neal Rohrbach and Bradford Shimp met in a weekly Twitter chat and began exchanging occasional tweets in the weeks that followed. An off-handed comment by Bradford about being an “Idea Wrangler” led Neal on a domain search, and thus the business was born.

According to Rohrbach, Idea Anglers “is an online collaborative community for small biz or individuals, where we turn ideas into successful businesses.” Using a combination of a library of exclusive content and access to a network of hand-picked guides and fellow members to lead the way, Idea Anglers is a service for anyone who has an idea for a business, but could use some guidance to get things going. It’s a place for collaboration and networking. Other benefits will include access to webinars, e-books, discounted services and other collaboration features.

Even though the site was born and developed on Twitter and using social media tools, the scope of expertise and information available through the service will be much broader. With guides specializing in marketing, copywriting and other forms of communication, the idea is to cover all the areas that might be a barrier to bringing your idea to fruition.

The site is still in pre-launch phase, but an initial group of guides has been published. There’s also a Depth Finder Questionnaire, giving you the chance to help shape what will be available when the site goes live.

No pricing information is available for the subscription-based service, but the intention is to make some of the individual content available on a per-item cost basis as well.

Has social media helped to shape your business?


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