Accounts Payable From Anywhere

Bill.comThere are plenty of applications out there that can help you to manage your invoices and accounts receivable online. But what about accounts payable? Managing your outgoing payments from the web can be a little complicated, especially if you need to get approval or send a check. offers tools to do just that, making the entire accounts payable process easy to manage, wherever you are. was developed with small- to medium-sized businesses in mind, making it a viable option even for solo web workers. The site’s newest feature, ePayments, has made it possible for you to entirely eliminate paperwork when paying bills: It lets you pay anyone through a direct-deposit money transfer (and avoiding many of the fees associated with other payment methods, like PayPal).

Bill.comThe accounts payable process with is pretty simple. You email each bill you receive to a special address that imports it into your account. From there, you can send it to the correct people for approval, schedule payments and send out checks or direct-deposit payments. The site maintains a copy of each bill and allows you to upload relevant documents (like contracts) so that each person who needs to approve a particular payment can check on any details without having to leave the site.

Checks get sent out for payments, no matter where you are. Even if your current office is a coffee shop on the far side of the planet, it isn’t necessary to carry a checkbook along. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working remotely and need approval to get a payment out; where you once might have had to visit the person in charge of accounts payable to get a signature approving a particular payment, takes care of reminding that person to note his or her approval on the site.

The whole system can be synchronized with Quickbooks and other accounting software so that you can keep your books up to date. You can also simplify the billing process even further. With recurring bills, you can create automatic payments so that you don’t have to handle each step every month.

Bill.comWith, it’s also easier to check which payments you’ve sent out and which have been received. There’s an electronic trail in case of any eventualities, whether the concern is a check lost in the mail or a question of fraud. The site also provides positive pay fraud protection automatically (a system typically offered for an additional fee by banks in which your checks are compared to existing payments in order to make sure they’re valid). The security for the site is based on that used for banks. Among other measures, your data is protected by 256-bit encryption. If need be, you can request a copy of any information you’ve uploaded to on DVD at any time.

If you have only one user who needs to access, the base price is $24.99. You can add 10 additional users for $9.99. There are also fees associated with sending out checks beyond a certain number, as well as ePayments. However, considering that the application could significantly reduce the amount of time your business spends on accounts payable, the price may be well worth paying.

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