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A Brave New World: 700M New Net Users Seen By 2013

Some 700 million more people are going to go online in the next five years, according to a report released today by Forrester Research, hitting 2.2 billion by 2013. Much of the growth is seen taking place in emerging markets in Asia like China, India and Indonesia, with annual growth rates of 10-20 percent. Southern and Eastern Europe are expected to show heavy growth as well. Online penetration within the United States, meanwhile, is forecast to rise to 82 percent from 73 percent, putting the U.S. on par with the most penetrated markets of Europe and Asia.


Currently, Forrester says, China has 209.1 million Internet users vs. the U.S.’s 222.5 million. The firm expects that number to almost double, to 377.1 million, at which point Internet penetration in the country would be at 27 percent. This massive growth in Internet use will likely test the regime’s Great Firewall, the filtering system that the Chinese government uses to keep undesirable content from reaching the masses.

4 Responses to “A Brave New World: 700M New Net Users Seen By 2013”

  1. I don’t know if this will change anything, even if we have 1 billion users or more in next year itself, what does that mean….people first need jobs and money to be able to become a great consumer for internet businesses.

    Just because they are online does not mean, they will become rich. Its like electricity slowly going to all the villages in china and India yet their life remains the same.

    Look at US itself, with all the technology it had since 1995, it has gone down in economic growth, jobless numbers, and a lower life all around.

    What has internet done to America, just spread the information more around, that people are losing jobs and economy is tanking ?

    This is just insane.

  2. Time for U.S. companies to develop a business model that works globally. Wonder who the gets a big chunk of that pie? Right now my guess is Asian software networking sites but a great opportunity knocks is you understand the cultures.