Playdom Tries For iPhone Success With ‘Mobsters: Big Apple’

Playdom Mobsters iPhone app

Social gaming company Playdom is making its first mobile foray with the launch of Mobsters: Big Apple, an iPhone-based offshoot of its popular Mobsters game. The 99-cent app includes exclusive iPhone-only missions, but players can also sync their progress to existing gameplay (and friends) on MySpace. No word on whether Playdom plans a similar option for Facebook users — though its clearly doable, since EA used Facebook Connect to allow people to play Scrabble socially on the iPhone.

Playdom stripped all ads out of the game to keep the interface cleaner; players also no longer need to constantly invite friends to play to make progress. The iPhone version also doesn’t include support for virtual goods sales, though the company said it’s a possibility for future versions.

The tweaks show that Playdom is clued in to the fact that porting a popular game from the desktop to a mobile phone isn’t just a drag-and-drop operation — and that developers need to design with the mobile environment in mind if they want the game to appeal to mobile players. Rival Zynga currently boasts four iPhone games, including a free Mafia Wars game, though it doesn’t support gameplay across the phone and desktop.

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