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Official BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Coming in September

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Many, many months ago, it looked like an official solution for syncing BlackBerry devices with the Mac (including media and iTunes playlists) was right around the corner. Now, almost a year later, RIM (s rimm) is finally making it official. But don’t get too excited. You still have to wait until September before the new software will be available for download.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, which should allow you to do pretty much everything you can do using the Desktop Software for Windows package currently available, will be available as a free download from In addition to iTunes (s aapl) playlist syncing, you’ll also be able to manage your contacts, calendars and tasks, and install new software packages, if you’d rather not use App World to download them to your device directly.

In addition to a brief overview of the features of the new Desktop Software for Mac, Andrey at Inside Blackberry (the company’s official blog) also posted screenshots of the application in action. It looks a lot like their official Media Sync solution for Mac, but with a lot more options, as you’d expect from a program that does so much more. And it’s nice to see that RIM is paying attention to the desires of its users, as Apple-loving BlackBerry users have been clamoring for just such a program for years.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting this release, and want to be first in line when it does eventually come out, you can sign up to be notified of its availability via BlackBerry’s web site. Users who want to get a taste of iTunes playlist syncing, without all of the other features, can download a Mac-compatible version of BlackBerry Media Sync that came out back in December of last year.

14 Responses to “Official BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Coming in September”

  1. Hell yeah, it has taken a very long time for software like this to come out for us mac users!!! However, people, its finally almost here! How exciting? I know that I’ll be using this software when it comes out and the fact that it appears to be completely free to Blackberry users, is all the better!

  2. Howie Isaacks

    Terrific! The fact that Mac users have had to wait as long as we have for this software to be released speaks volumes about how much RIM cares about its Mac using customers. This is pathetic.