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Now Playing on YouTube: Experimental 3D Videos

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A YouTube (s GOOG) developer is working on a stereoscopic player as a side project, Barry Schwartz discovered this weekend. If you’ve got a pair of 3D glasses or a 3D video camera of your own, you can join in the fun.

Here’s a clip from an Idaho farmer’s market from a YouTube user who’s been experimenting with the feature. Users are able to choose from one of ten 3D viewing styles, e.g. “Red/Cyan Glasses: Full Color.” Uploaders can enable the view mode by using the tag “yt3d:enable=true.”

“YouTube Pete” writes in a help forum,

“I’m the developer working on the stereoscopic player as a 20% project. It’s currently very early, hence the silly bugs like swapping the eyes for the anaglyph modes. A fix for this is in the works….

“Ideally you shouldn’t use left and right. For the best quality make the sources as large as possible within the frame and set yt3d:aspect correctly.

“Your feedback and suggestions are welcome, but as this isn’t my primary project I can’t promise a speedy turnaround with improvements.”

8 Responses to “Now Playing on YouTube: Experimental 3D Videos”

  1. Hey Guys,

    I know of an Israeli Company named “Taatua” that has been developing such a 3D solution for real time systems.
    I have seen a few samples and the result is surprisingly really good.
    Has anyone else heard of them?? you can check their website at, not much there but contact info.