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Mac Office 2008 SP2: Speed, Stability, Compatibility


Speed, stability, compatibility — that’s the mantra from the Mac (s aapl) Business Unit for SP2, which will be released today at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Besides bug fixes, general improvements include faster launching of applications, as well as better performance within, like scrolling in Word and calculation speed in Excel. PowerPoint users will now be able to create motion-path animations, as well as define their default theme.

A new tool, Document Connection, provides Mac Office users improved access to documents through Microsoft SharePoint and Office Live Workspace. Safari 4 is now supported for accessing the browser-based services. According to Microsoft (s msft), file-sharing and document fidelity are the most important features for Mac Office users.

“There’s never been a better time to try Office 2008 for Mac — with SP2 we are not only delivering on top customer requests mid-cycle, but also taking a first step in bringing Microsoft software plus services to Mac users,” said Mike Tedesco, senior product manager for MacBU at Microsoft.

Unfortunately, those waiting for the return of Visual Basic for Applications will be disappointed. While the MacBU is planning on restoring VBA, that won’t be happening until the next release of Mac Office, for which no date has been announced.

The free update, around 300MB, will be available at Mactopia, as well as through Microsoft’s software autoupdate.

7 Responses to “Mac Office 2008 SP2: Speed, Stability, Compatibility”

  1. Sounds good. It’s great how there’s always someone talking/blogging about the exact subject that interests you – so thanks for taking the time! I’m just an average user unfortunately but I’m looking to attend some events soon to see how to make more use of SharePoint when we migrate.

  2. Enrique García

    Well, it is a counter measure from Microsoft since Office:mac 2008 is heavily pirated and I don’t blame them from ‘catching’ the bad guys. Unfortunately there is always some innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.

    As for SP2 per se, the products performance is indeed better and I can safely say that very robust app too. We are a Windows centric office but our Macs as happy as any other PC in this network.

  3. Lucky me! I’m home but I still can’t find my product key and therefore can’t get into office! Leave it to Microsoft again!

    Does anyone know where on my Mac I might find the product key? Or do I really have to spend $49 for Microsoft support to get one??????

  4. Since downloading and installing SP2 for my office 2008 running on a macbook pro – it does not let me open any office applications, saying my product key is invalid and to re-enter my product key….all well and good, but my box and product key is in my home in London and I am working out in the states for the coming 2 months…….probably with bits of paper and an abacus now..if you are going to install it, i would suggest you write down you product key..just to be safe.

  5. I use Office 2008 at work and iWork/Mail/iCal/Address Book at home, and I must say– the Office products for Mac, while having more options, are a complete pile of crap compared to the Apple stuff…