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YouTube Engages in Some Myth-Spinning: We’re Doing Great; Testing 3-D Videos

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Updated below: YouTube is finally getting some love from within the company, which means it is talking publicly about its revenues seriously for the first time, even if it’s not actually saying much. After Google (NSDQ: GOOG) mentioned in its Q209 call last week that the video behemoth was on a trajectory to become a

2 Responses to “YouTube Engages in Some Myth-Spinning: We’re Doing Great; Testing 3-D Videos”

  1. Charbax

    What is the CPM of overlay video ads?

    I believe it may be $10 CPM, perhaps in some cases even $20 or $30. It is much higher than regular static web page CPM revenues.

    We all know Youtube is providing tens of Billions of views.

    Do the maths. Youtube can make huge amounts of money, for Google and for the content providers.

    In fact, do the maths, Youtube monetisation can monetize much better than regular TV broacasting. You can't making $30 CPM on regular TV networks advertising.

    I believe but I don understand it, Google is waiting for the right time to open up for full monetisation on Youtube videos. Allow all content providers to enable overlay advertising, embed relevant "Buy it now" overlay links and many many more monetisation options.

  2. Angela Wilson Gyetvan

    Hi, Rafat:

    Here at 3ality Digital, we're more than delighted that YouTube is playing around with 3D videos — the more the merrier. And if you're worried about "horrendous glasses," I'll rustle up a pair of the Bono-style wraparounds we used for the debut of U2 3D at Cannes. I'm sure you'll rock them.