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B&N’s E-Book Store: Details From Conference Call

The news is here. Below are notes from the conference call announcing the deal. William Lynch, president of, was the exec on the call:

— First entered into the e-book market in 2001, but it didn’t work as the market was too early.
— The e-book doesn’t work with Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle and *Sony* Reader. They will add more devices for support in the next month.
— Currently e-books are excluded from its usual B&N loyalty program, but will consider it.

— Plastic Logic: the deal is only about an e-book store from BN. No comment on whether BN will have a distribution deal with the company.
— The 700K books number includes the *Google* open-domain books.
— Won’t allow printing of the e-books, but that’s because of industry-wide copyright requirements rather than a BN issue.
— The book format: the industry standard is ePub, and that’s what they will support.
— Focused on the U.S. market. Nothing on international yet.