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27 Bluetooth-enabled Multiplayer iPhone Games

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The iPhone/iPod (s aapl) 3.0 OS allows third-party applications to utilize the device’s Bluetooth capabilities for two-player games. The first (and only) application I had that supported this in an update was Flight Control, and since then, whenever my wife and I are on a train, we occupy our time playing this.

The huge advantage of multiplayer Bluetooth compared with Wi-Fi is that you just need the two devices, no Wi-Fi access points or Internet connectivity is required. This is truly awesome, although as we cry, “Arrrgh sooo close!” loudly on public transport we can get some strange looks. We’ve loved playing Flight Control, but I thought that by now there must be a good number of other Bluetooth-enabled games. So I’ve searched the App Store and found the following games are the only ones that support multiplayer gameplay over Bluetooth. This list will hopefully grow soon with more complex quality titles.

Flight Control — 99 cents

Direct planes so they can land without crashing into each other. Each player controls different colors and needs to send the other player’s colors off screen to the other player’s device.


F.A.S.T – Fleet Air Superiority Training — $1.99

For great graphics and a true dog-fighting two-player experience.


Bomberman Touch 2 – Volcano Party — $2.99

Play the classic Bomberman game against a friend in either head-to-head mode, or co-operative mode.


Attack From the Dead — 99 cents

Play with a friend in zombie killing, co-operative mode action.


iSamurai Bluetooth — 99 cents

Swing your phone around like a samurai sword and have a sword fight with a friend.


Showdown Poker — 99 cents

Play poker against a friend.


Showdown Quickdraw — Free

Have a Wild West-style gun-slinging match with a friend.


Tank War – Bluetooth Battle — 99 cents

Battle a friend with tanks in a bitter neon colored war.


Attack – Wireless Bluetooth Space Battle — 99 cents

If you don’t like tanks, maybe you prefer to fight in spaceships instead. Battle head-to-head.


Tic-Tac-Touch: FS5 — Free

It’s Tic-Tac-Toe; what else is there to say?


Touch4 FS5 — Free

Remember playing Connect 4 from your childhood? Relive the experience.


Briscola — $1.99

Play the Italian card game “Briscola” against a friend.


Heads Up Poker 3G — Free

This is another multiplayer Poker game.


SG Mahjong — 99 cents

This lets you play Mahjong against up to four people at once.


Scopa — $3.99

Play the Italian card game “Scopa” against a friend.


ShapeShape — 99 cents

In a game that looks like a cheap knock-off of Rolando, two-player mode lets you race against a friend to finish a level, as well as allowing you to share custom levels made with the level editor.


Pong – iPhone Edition — 99 cents

There couldn’t be a more simple game than pong, the first computer game ever made.


Checkers Lite — Free

The classic game of checkers. Everyone knows checkers.


Combat On Palm — Free

Two player head to head space combat action.


Trivia Wars — 99 cents

Challenge a friend to a trivia content.


Mancala Lite — Free

Play the game of Mancala against friends.


Reversi Lite — Free

Play the age-old game of Reversi (also known as Othello) against a friend.


iPunchOut Boxing — 99 cents

Have boxing battles against a friend by holding onto your device tightly and swinging your fists around.


Speed Lite — Free

Play the card game of Speed against a friend.


Cheap Tactics — 99 cents

Challenge a friend to this simple strategy RPG game.


BattleFrogs — 99 cents

Similar to Battleships, but with frogs on lily pads. Guess where a friend has placed their frogs by throwing rocks.


Bluetooth Hot Potato — 99 cents

Pass the hot potato to other players before it burns up.


No doubt that despite my searching efforts I may have missed a game — or perhaps one has just been released. Let us know your favorite Bluetooth multiplayer game in the comments.

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  1. Wow!. Response has been great to our new version – iSamurai: Critical Strike. We have now had many 1000s of downloads. This version is the game that we had in mind when we started programming – a real-time one-on-one tactical sword fight (where no one gets hurt).


    Doug Hogg
    Toy Kite Software

  2. Vince Chris

    Try iRobox… It’s 2 player (Bluetooth) robot fight. Similar to rockem sockem…
    You can chose between 6 robots to use. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins.
    Fun stuff for .99 cents!!
    Think you need the 3gs

  3. iSamurai has been upgraded to iSamurai: Critical Strike. The new version has these features

    – New CRITICAL STRIKE attack, which causes extreme damage.
    – Greatly improved slash detection and matching block detection.
    – Updated two-player game to give tactical real life sword fights.
    – Close-to-death warnings.
    – Intro video and instructions.

    Doug Hogg
    Toy Kite Software

  4. iHawky is an exciting remake of the legendary copter game, but with its own creative identity.
    If you used to spend hours playing copter on your computer, this is a must have iPhone/ iPod Touch remake. If you’ve never heard about copter then get with the program already, start playing now!

    Official website

  5. Here are a few details. iSamurai Bluetooth is a sword-fighting simulation and action game for two-players, with an additional single-player mode. There are four attacks and four matching blocks. A player attacks by swinging his/her iPhone like a sword,

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for including iSamurai Bluetooth.

    Here are a few details. iSamurai Bluetooth is a sword-fighting simulation and action game for two-players, with an additional single-player mode. There are four attacks and four matching blocks. A player attacks by swinging his/her iPhone like a sword, and if the other player blocks in time, the sound of clashing swords is immediately heard from both iPhones. If the block is too slow or incorrect, a cry of pain comes from the defender’s iPhone. There are a variety of sounds, some humorous. What if both players attack at once? They both get “hit”. Both iPhones (or iPod Touch 2Gs) keep track of the score and report at the end of the battle. With this new Bluetooth version, players can battle anywhere.

    When using Bluetooth with iPhone software 3.0, turn off Wi-Fi on both iPhones. And if using Wi-Fi, turn off Bluetooth on both iPhones. Also Apple has posted some fixes for Wi-Fi problems with iPhone software 3.0:

    We haven’t had any damaged iPhones during all of our extensive testing of the game, but I recommend a good case for grip. Also people should stand back about 8 feet from each other when battling so their iPhones can’t possibly collide.


    Doug Hogg
    Toy Kite Software

  7. We added the multi-player capabilities to Pong using the framework we developed for our Beam It! contact sharing app (

    We also are giving away the source code with free usage rights for this framework so other developers can add multi-player to their apps. Check it out and if you have questions or need assistance with it or Game Kit contact us.

  8. Nntpgrip

    Wifi is used in all cases for multiplayer. Bluetooth is only used to transparantly autonegotiate an ad-hoc wifi connection between the two or more players. They went over this in the keynote. Just FYI

    • Direct quote from apples own documentation:
      “The Game Kit framework provides features designed for game developers who want to connect users of different iPhones together. Game Kit includes the following technologies:

      Peer-to-peer connectivity allows your application to create an ad-hoc Bluetooth network between multiple iPhones. Although designed with games in mind, this network is useful for any type of data exchange among users of your application. For example, an application could use peer-to-peer connectivity to share electronic business cards or other data.”

      So, no WiFi is NOT used in all cases.

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