Memo Details Who’s Who In Armstrong’s AOL: Includes Partoll, COO, Cahall, CTO; Nelson, Asia-Pacific

For all of the leaking from AOL (NYSE: AOL), a considerable amount of info has stayed tight, including the full details of Tim Armstrong’s leadership team. paidContent has obtained Armstrong’s June 19 memo that lays it all out, including the promotion of Kim Partoll to COO from EVP, access, business intelligence & new ventures, and Ted Cahall to CTO from president, products & technologies. Partoll keeps access and business intelligence, adding business development, consumer and brand marketing, mobile and global. Those last two are ingredients that are supposed to be included in everything AOL does from here out, hence the reason for putting them in operations instead as separate businesses in the content and revenue area. (Our interview with Armstrong can be read here and on mocoNews.)

Biggest slots still open: global head of communications (overseeing the AIM/ICQ, e-mail and SMS services), head of European operations, and CFO, replacing departing Nisha Kumar. Also, John Kannapell is listed as “acting head” of Local and Mapping. Jon Brod’s role as head of AOL Ventures is outlined here.

Going global: The memo stresses the need for AOL to think and act globally. Part of Partoll’s COO portfolio calls for heading a Global Operating Council; that group includes Phil Nelson, the new head of Asia-Pacific, with representation from Israel, Canada and other areas.

Tim Armstrong Memo / June 19
AOL Leadership Team

O&O Content and Monetization

Content: Bill Wilson will continue to lead our growing content efforts, having already done a remarkable job of expanding the reach of our audience and identifying ways for AOL to quickly scale our content and content platforms to delight AOL consumers across the globe. Bill and his team have a well-known and long history of delivering great content and innovative experiences to the millions of consumers we touch everyday.

Monetization: As we