Fearless Feedback! Tech Workers Dish Dirt on Their Employers

[qi:078] Thinking about making a move to another company? Sure, the economy is in tatters and layoff announcement have become commonplace, but it’s always nice to know whether or not people at other companies are as miserable enjoying their jobs as much as you. Glassdoor, the salary and employer review site, sent us over reviews from a few anonymous employees at a number of big-name tech companies — some good, some bad — along with CEO approval ratings.

Much like the product reviews on Amazon.com, (s amzn) the most revealing commentaries are typically the most negative. Anyone can drink the Kool-Aid, but to dump on your own employer requires a certain degree of both self-awareness and (hopefully) honesty. Unless, of course, they’re just disgruntled. Click through for more.

Click on the company name to see the reviews, or just hit ‘next page’ button at the bottom.

Company Name Employer Overall Rating CEO CEO Approval Rating CEO Disapproval Rating
Adobe (s adbe) 4.2 Shantanu Narayen 78% 10%
Google (s goog) 4.0 Eric E. Schmidt 87% 2%
Apple (s aapl) 3.8 Steve Jobs 91% 3%
Netflix (s nflx) 3.8 Reed Hastings 87% 6%
Yahoo (s yhoo) 3.3 Carol Bartz 58% 6%
eBay (s ebay) 2.8 John J. Donahoe 21% 48%
AT&T (s t) 2.7 Randall L. Stephenson 30% 35%
Real Networks 2.6 Rob Glaser 22% 56%