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Farewell, Sampa

sampa-w-smSampa, a secure, weblog-style site where families can post events, videos, pictures and stories, says it’s shutting down in August because the 4-year-old startup ran out of money. Founder and CTO Marcelo Calbucci outlined the reasons behind Sampa’s closure in a blog post today entitled “Sampa: From Birth to Death”:

“Sampa as a business was a failure because no matter how much we tried, it could not generate a profit at its current format.”

The startup is shutting down its servers on Aug. 17 and will liquidate thereafter, so Sampa users have a month to export their content from the site. We reviewed Sampa back in April 2008. In an email, Calbucci told us he’s “hopeful” that he’ll have another startup in the works soon.

5 Responses to “Farewell, Sampa”

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