Daily Sprout

BP Drops Jatropha: BP has “given up on jatropha, the shrub once touted as the great hope for biofuels, and walked away from its jatropha joint venture for less than $1 million.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Palin Climate Smackdown, Round 2: After Sen. John Kerry lambasted Sarah Palin for ripping the climate bill now moving through Congress, Rep. Ed Markey joined the smackdown today, writing that Palin is ignoring the impact of global warming in her own state and blindly proposing more oil drilling. — Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence

Next Up: Sea, Clouds, Extreme Weather: Cloud formation, sea level rises and extreme weather events are among areas set to get more attention in the next UN report on climate change due in 2014. — Reuters

DOE Opens Spigot for Algae Fuels: The Department of Energy has released guidelines for $85 million in stimulus funds for the development of algae-based biofuels and advanced, cellulosic biofuels that will work with existing infrastructure. — Green Car Congress

Green Power Program Flops: Austin Energy, which runs the nation’s largest clean power program (customers can opt to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy), has seen enrollment fall far short of expectations as its wind power prices have soared. — Austin American-Statesman via NYT’s Green Inc.