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Hungama, BSNL Launches Music Portal; Unlimited Rental At Rs149

Hungama and telco BSNL Ltd today announced a formal launch of their digital entertainment store exclusively available for BSNL broadband subscribers that number some four million. The service, which is locked to allow access only to BSNL subscribers, lets users download unlimited music and videos for less than the price of a regular music CD–Rs149. Currently, there are some 65,000 songs and 2,000 music videos. Access to unlimited game downloads will set you back by another Rs49 a month.

Files that are downloaded under this service tracks the status of subscription and cannot be used once the user doesn’t renew his subscription. So in essence, users are renting unlimited content at a fee.

We spoke to Sidhartha Roy, COO at Hungama, and he said the idea came from the fact that an affordable price point had to be offered because the biggest fight was against piracy. “To fight piracy, we need to offer better value, and better experience. And we hope that’s what we are doing with this initiative.”

The service was softlaunched a few months ago, but Roy declined to share any numbers. “But the entire top brass of BSNL, including the chairman, was present at the launch of what is essentially a value added service, says something about how seriously they are taking this.”

When asked about how the revenue share was structured between the telco and the content owners, he said: “Let me just say that it is extremely positive for the content partners. From a government telco, we have a much better deal compared with private telcos.”

4 Responses to “Hungama, BSNL Launches Music Portal; Unlimited Rental At Rs149”

  1. I do feel that there is a demand. I agree that some phones
    have songs but not all phones and not all songs. Also this is only one step to fixing piracy. I agree this wont do it on its own. Problem 1 is getting pricing right. Legal, high-quality cheap content is step 1. Controls are still needed. There is a base level pricing needed to ensure economics work here for the users, content owners and intermediaries. Lets see..

  2. Ranveer Khanna

    Hari … max mobile phones already have songs …..even a Ipod has only 3 % legal content …do u really expect this as a grad opportunity for users to jump on and take it ??????

  3. Actually that is correct. You always use new services to
    drive up revenues and ARPU. This is a slight premium to CDMA ARPUs and less than GSM prepaid ARPUs. So, early adopters will jump onboard and wont perceive the premium. Also this is really VAS, so pricing being so slightly premium is ok. If anything they have left very little room to move downward, and could have risked slightly higher pricing. This is an aggressive move to mop up demand.

  4. Ranveer Khanna

    This is interesting stuff …but i dnt understand how could these guys come at a price point which is higher the Prepaid Arpu ….common guyss use common sense 149 is too high