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The Web Worker's Advantage: A Nimble Business

speednim·ble : quick and light in motion; marked by quick, alert, clever conception, comprehension, or resourcefulness.

Being a web worker has its advantages, and one of the biggest is that you can build a very adaptable and nimble business. Here are a few of the ways we stay flexible.

Web workers hear about developments and opportunities immediately.

The good thing about working online all day is that you have access to information as soon as it becomes available, making it easy to keep a finger on your competitors’ and customers’ pulses and adjust your services and business offerings accordingly.

Tip: To make your business a bit more nimble when it comes to staying in the loop, participate in social-networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Your competitors, clients and potential customers are there posting updates and issues they’re facing 24/7.

Web workers can jump on opportunities quickly.

Even better than just hearing about opportunities, web workers are in the unique position to take advantage of them quickly, amazing customers with their service, even before a working relationship begins.

Tip: eLance and other job posting sites are perfect places to find out about new business opportunities. As soon as customers submit their needs, you can be there to respond and provide a solution. The same is true of sites like Twitter. Using the service’s search functionality, as well as Twitter applications like TweetDeck, you can immediately see when someone is looking for your type of service or expertise and be the first in line with assistance.

Web workers can quickly adapt.

The landscape of the web is constantly changing. Businesses, applications and sites that exist today may not be around three months from now. Fortunately for the “in-the-know, always-connected” web worker, it’s relatively easy to adjust course and compensate for the changes in scenery.

If a favorite web app is no longer available, a quick Twitter query or Google search for an alternative is only a few key strokes away.

Tip: To stay agile in the ever-changing web world, be sure to always backup your files, keep your computers and applications synced, and stay knowledgeable of alternatives for all of your commonly used web applications.

If you take advantage of the tools and resources available to you online, it’s easy to build an adaptable web-based business, one that can even get a jump on the competition.

How do you keep your business agile and quick to adapt? Share your tips and experiences of the nimble web business.

Definition from Merriam-Webster
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3 Responses to “The Web Worker's Advantage: A Nimble Business”

  1. On RentACoder I’ve personally seen instances where a buyer posts a description of a program, and the “bidder” places a bid along with a link to the already complete program…before even being awarded the job. Of course this is a sure way for the bidder to guarantee being selected and amazing for the buyer. Business is being revolutionized by the agility of the web.

    Ian Ippolito