Racing to 100 GB: Alcatel-Lucent Boosts Speeds on Routers, Switches


[qi:gigaom_icon_100g] We are big believers in ultra-broadband, which is why we’ve been paying such close attention to the race to the 100 GB future, which includes optical networking breakthroughs, the 100 GB Ethernet and the need for network virtualization. The explosion of online video and the rising tide of all kinds of data are only going to put more demands on our networking infrastructure — 100 GB is seen as a way to meet that growing need. Today, Alcatel-Lucent (s alu) launched new 100 Gb Ethernet capabilities, which will be part of its 7750 Router and 7450 Ethernet Service Switch. These devices are focused on the metro and edge markets. Alcatel-Lucent is using the home-grown FP2 silicon for this new platform. Canada’s TELUS has signed on as a customer.



I wonder what Cisco’s response, if any, to this was/is. Do they have a competing product? Om would know :-)

Michael Chaney

I hate to be picky but try not to use “GB” and Gb” interchangeably. b = bit, B = Byte (8 bits)
Just trying to avoid any confusion :)

Matt Liotta

It would also probably be useful to have an actual 100GbE standard.


100Gbps interfaces on the router doesn’t mean that you will actually have such high speed interfaces as a last mile to your home. While it will certainly help alleviate some of the traffic bottleneck in the core (since these routers usually sit in the SP Core networks), what this will do is drive down the 10GE interface costs and as a result increase 10GE penetration.

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