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Palm Pre Mojo SDK Freely Available: Apps Needed

findapps_2009-15-06_145737The Palm (s palm) Pre is sadly in need of some apps in the App Catalog — that’s something on which we can all agree. The lack of available apps was no doubt due to the lack of the Mojo SDK from Palm. Developers need the official tools to make sure their apps meet all the proper requirements, and the SDK was the major tool needed. We have word from Palm that the Mojo SDK is now freely available for download, so let’s get these apps released.

The SDK is available at a new developer’s portal, Palm webOS dev. The SDK had previously only been available to developers in the early access program, but it is now openly available. There is also a developer’s guide and a sample app available for budding app builders.

The most exciting news to me is Palm’s statement that many apps are in the approval process for the App Catalog. These would be apps produced by the early access developers, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some new stuff appear in the Catalog soon. App submission for developers not in that early access program will be able to submit programs come the fall.

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