Off Topic: More Big Media Bad News — CEO Out

Days after news broke that BusinessWeek was up for sale, there is word that Jim Spanfeller, president and CEO of might be is leaving the company. I tweeted this last night, but since then a few others have reported on the news as well. Stacey Kramer confirmed the news late last night. And while it is not clear if he is leaving of his own accord or if he is being pushed out by investor Elevation Partners, one thing is for sure, things have been a tad slow for Just take a look at their traffic over the past 12 months compared to that of rivals such as BusinessWeek and Fortune and make your own call.

I casually keep up with the fortunes of because I used to work there, back in the early days, when it was still a tiny part of the overall company.

Updated: Spanfeller tells Folio Mag that he wasn’t ousted by Elevation Partners. He denied that his exit had anything to do with the stalling traffic. (See the graphic, make your own decision guys.)