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Jailbreak: The Lock Screen is a Barren Land (Part Two)

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In my previous Jailbreak: The Lock Screen Is A Barren Land, I wrote about IntelliScreen and Lock Calendar, two apps for enhancing the Lock Screen of your iPhone and iPod touch. Today, in part two, I’ll be exploring a handful of other tweaks you can make to the Lock screen.

HomeScreen and MultiBarLockscreen

HomeScreen 2.0 (aldwin, Free) looks and feels like Windows Mobile’s Today Screen. Instead of filling up the Lock screen with a list of current events, HomeScreen shows you only a total count of various system events such as appointments, missed calls, new mail, new messages and new RSS feeds. You can also have it display a calendar of the current month and a one-week weather forecast.

HomeScreen 2.0

Visually, it’s lighter than IntelliScreen, which may appeal to those of you who prefer a minimalist look for your Lock screens. Note that, after installing HomeScreen, you will have to go into WinterBoard to activate it. Also, the first thing you’ll want to do is to change the weather location. Read this tutorial on how to do that.

MultiBarLockscreen (DouweM, Free) is another app that is similar to HomeScreen.



You can consider RemindYou (Make Your Day Media, $9.95) an “IntelliScreen Lite,” of sorts. Its sole function is to populate the Lock screen of your iPhone or iPod touch with a list of current and upcoming appointments. If you ask me, I’d rather spend the $9.95 on IntellScreen instead; the same price buys you a whole lot more features.

RemindYou Lockscreen

20 Second Lock Screen

If you are using any one of these Lock screen enhancement apps, 20 Second Lock Screen (Optimo, Free) is a Mobile Substrate plugin that extends the auto shut-off time of the Lock screen from five seconds to 20.


Twidget (Plizzo, Free) puts Twitter right on the Lock screen. But chalk this one up for strictly the fun department, because it only lets you view and not reply to tweets. Requires WinterBoard.

Twidget Lockscreen


NoAA (Yanik Magnan, Free), or “No Album Artwork,” is a Mobile Substrate that hides album artwork on the Lock screen, and displays your wallpaper instead. This tweak doesn’t come with any configurable settings. To disable it, simply uninstall it from within Cydia.

Important note: Some of these Lock screen mods require either StatusNotifier or Notifier—Mobile Substrate plugins that provide system-wide notifications to work their magic, but neither of them are fully compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 at the time of writing. You are well-advised to check their respective changelogs before proceeding.

18 Responses to “Jailbreak: The Lock Screen is a Barren Land (Part Two)”

  1. Too bad that LockCalendar doensn’t work with 3.x. I just want to see my calendar entries on my lockscreen without beeing forced to install Winterboard. IntelliScreen has a lot of bad reviews..

  2. Shaun C

    @ Gazoobee – Nothing is wrong, immoral or illegal about jailbreaking.

    Expanding on the already amazing features of the iPhone is a great thing, and if anything, only adds to the value.

  3. Gazoobee

    No offense to the author who did a good job with this article, but I have to say that a commercial blog should simply *not* be publishing articles on jailbroken iPhones or promoting jailbreaking (which this article does by it’s very existence).