Is Apple’s Market Share Feeling Netbook Envy?

macbookNetbooks are junky, according to Apple. That’s what Tim Cook shared at the last Apple conference call and based on his commentary, I don’t expect a traditional netbook from Apple. Perhaps a large iPod Touch type of device, but not a smaller netbook with a “cramped keyboard.” Sounds good from the management side of the house, but the accounting department might be wishing otherwise.

The Apple Blog analyzed recent market share numbers from Gartner and IDC and both show that the netbook market is sustaining, and even growing, the presence of many hardware makers. Just not Apple. Acer shows the biggest gains in year over year market share at 51 percent from IDC. Gartner pegs Acer’s growth at 74.2 percent in the same time period. Granted, Acer sells regular notebooks in addition to netbooks, but they’re also the number one seller of netbooks in the world these days, according to DisplaySearch.

With the global economy in the doldrums, it’s equally likely that Apple’s growth has also slowed due to other cheaper alternatives. After all, no Apple notebook is regularly priced under $999, while there are scores of notebook PCs priced under $1,000. I have to wonder though: what would Apple’s market share look like if the company did have a computing device in the $500 to $800 range?


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