Google Wants YOU to Fight a Beltway Battle for Broadband

google_logo1Google (s goog) wants you to help shape the forthcoming National Broadband Plan. The search giant has created a web site with the New America Foundation where anyone can submit their ideas. People can vote for their favorites (Google will use its Moderator program to manage the entries), which the company will then submit to the FCC in two weeks. Since it sounds like only a limited number of ideas may make it,  you may want to submit your comment via the usual process if you really want to be heard.

Google made a similar effort to get people involved in the debate over white spaces, the attempt to deliver broadband between the channels in the digital TV spectrum, which was ultimately successful. So it’s trying its hand again, acting as a funnel for the millions of people who have opinions and ideas about broadband. This is a big issue, and a few months ago I encouraged you guys to submit a letter or comment as well. Google has just made it easier. Not because the search giant is so civic-minded, but because it wants to see better broadband access so it can make sure every American has the chance to surf its properties and see its ads.

But when it comes to constructing bigger pipes, Google has the right idea. To get you started here are Google’s ideas, our ideas and even more ideas. Now go make your voice heard.