BlackBerry Tour Launch Rivals iPhone 3GS

blackberry_tourh4webThe iPhone (s aapl) has become the bellwether when it comes to gauging how well phones do at launch. The iPhone 3GS is estimated to have done better than most phones, with Apple reporting a million sold in the first three days. The Palm (s palm) Pre launch was compared to the iPhone 3GS launch (endlessly), and is widely believed to have been whooped soundly by the newest phone from Apple. That may not be the case with the latest BlackBerry (s rimm), the Tour, that launched just a few days ago. Analysts are estimating that Verizon’s (s vz) launch of the Tour saw around 300,000 phones move out the door, in just the first 24 hours. While that level of sales may not keep up for long it’s on a par with the iPhone 3GS numbers.

The Tour is a solid product from RIM, and the first new BlackBerry launched on Verizon’s (s vz) network since the Storm. The Tour can be used globally, something popular with business travelers and BlackBerry enthusiasts. The BlackBerry Curve has been a very popular seller for RIM, and Tour sales are estimated to be three times those of the Curve. It looks like Verizon and RIM have a very hot item on the market.