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The Nearest Subway/Tube App For iPhone 3GS: Genius

An incredibly useful app if there ever was one: a series of apps showing the nearest subway (if you’re in NYC) or Tube (if you’re in London), and one of the first apps on iPhone using the buzzy phrase these days — augmented reality, instead of the location-based services. This is from from Acrossair, a new London based startup developing apps for mobile. Embedded are the videos below which explain it. Simple. Think it is a lot more useful for the more confusing London Tube layout than NYC, but that’s just me personally. More here.

and the NYC underground on after the jump…

2 Responses to “The Nearest Subway/Tube App For iPhone 3GS: Genius”

  1. Jamie Poitra

    Easily the coolest uses of augmented reality I've yet seen. And one that's actually somewhat useful which is a twist that the previous efforts I've seen have completely failed on.