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Vid-Biz: FiOS, The Office, YouTube

Verzion’s FiOS Gets Twitter, Facebook and Web Video; the new Widget Bazaar makes TV more social, adds video from Veoh, and Dailymotion. (Multichannel News)

Watch New Office Webisodes and Follow Character Tweets; new web spin-off series The Office: Blackmail stars Creed, and you can follow the Twitter conversations between Kelly Kapoor (@IAmKellyFierce) and Ryan Howard (@veRY_ANgelic). (emailed release)

YouTube Asks Partners About Paid Product Placement; new checkbox appears for describing videos as such; earlier this year, YouTube sent notifications to creators that their brand integration tools could violate the company’s terms of service. (Stuff We Like)

Warner Delivers Movies Through the Wii (in Japan); Batman Begins, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming to the game console’s “Everyone’s Theater Wii” service. ( blog) (Thanks, Matt!)

Are Mobile Phones a Threat to the Movie Industry? Nope, says Cory Doctorow; pre-release violations are usually an inside job; and what is the film industry doing to protect data on phones turned in before screenings? (Guardian)

Stingray Bringing Karaoke to YouTube; company’s sing-along Karaoke Channel coming to the video site. (The Globe and Mail)

New Web Shows Launch: HD Nation on Revision3 and Ctrl on NBC. (emailed releases) Redesigns for Easier Broadcasting; site’s homepage features big red “Broadcast” button, redesign also incorporates Meebo IM chat into the site. (TechCrunch)