Poll: Google Tasks, Remember the Milk, or Another Solution?



Doesn’t it figure that days after I became a Remember The Milk Pro user, Google (s goog) graduates Tasks out of beta? Now my wallet is $25 lighter, but I think I’m more productive. The only part I’m debating is if I made the right move. Oh well — even if it cost me $25, Remember The Milk Pro along with the iPhone app with support for pushing task reminders seems to be working. I also noticed that the iPhone web interface works better on my Palm Pre (s palm) than the standard mobile view. Try http://i.rememberthemilk.com instead of http://m.rememberthemilk.com and you’ll see a huge difference.

Maybe I didn’t give Google’s Tasks a close enough look, but my solution is definitely working for me. Ultimately, that’s what the best task management system needs to do — work for you. I often get asked what task tool I use, so now it’s right back at you. What are you using? I’ve tried various solutions: OmniFocus, Things, RTM, Hiveminder, Google, and various GTD plugins. I really wanted something that was mostly platform independent and could easily be used on the web. How about you?



I have been trying RTM a few times (Why can’t you ‘complete’ a task by checking the checkbox. Why don’t they listen to their customers?)
I tried todoïst (liked the minimalistic interface).
Tried Hiveminder (liked the way you can make your tasks interdependent)
And I finally tried Toodledo. Because I like to try out new apps ones in a while I abandoned Toodledo later on, and was impressed by the major improvements that were made when I came back (unlike RTM!). I went away to try something else, came back, and was impressed again.
I must say that I don’t really like Toodledo’s standard interface (that’s why I use skin at home – can’t install anything extra on my work computer), but it’s functionality is great, the usercommunity is very supportive and the developer actualy listens to your needs.


Toodledo is the best and most under-rated task manager on the web today. It far outstrips Remember the Mile in functionality and offers EXCELLENT customer support and a developer who actually listens to his customers and implements enhancements based upon their needs and suggestions. Try Toodledo for a week and you will realize that Remember the Milk is pretty, but not nearly as functional. A skim through the Remember the Milk forums will reveal a pattern of frustrated users who have been clamoring for various basic upgrades for several years now.


I like RTM for recurring reminders and Google Tasks for non-dated checklists, but for day to day task management, especially where my tech and gadgets are not available, I use a Moleskine Cahier and Moleskine Lined Notebook handcrafted into a Calendar/Task/Notes book.

The Cahier (pronounced Cuy Yay, as in Yippee Cay Yay), fits in my back pocket and gets my mind dump whereever I am. I later transfer it to my Moleskine Notebook on a daily or semi-weekly basis where the left page is the 7 day week and the right page is weekly task lists. The back half of the book is reserved for notes.

No batteries, no need for web connections, no glass screens to break.


Update: I got a new iPod Touch last month and happily it duplicates all the functions my old dead Palm did for the same price and much smaller size.

I tried the RTM app and liked it so much and found it so useful and I actually went out and bought a Pro account. Having my RTM right in my pocket makes it a 100 times more useful and I haven’t used paper since.

I still don’t like the RTM website GUI, but when online I use the iGoogle widget which works much better for in and out use.


OK after 50% of the comments were votes for “ToodleDo” I HAD to try it out…

… And it is now my solution. Now don’t get me wrong it is FAR from perfect (a bit of a learning curve, the Gmail widget is really the iPhone formatted page so it doesn’t fit well, their Firefox plugin doesn’t support 3.5 yet, the web interface stresses upgrading customers over most-used features, etc) BUT it is the it has several compelling features (context, importance, scheduler, etc.) that make it worth the learning curve and waiting on the devs to fix the 3rd Party stuff.

Bye Bye: Google Tasks, Tasks App & To Do List (literal paper)! You’ve been replaced. Man I got a lot done today too! :D


google tasks might be out of beta, but it’s still pretty weak.


I use Toodledo on the web/iPhone and sync it to Outlook using the utility from Chromatic Dragon.


You should checkout http://www.smartsheet.com.

It is very easy to get started using because it is similar to a spreadsheet, but it has many built in features to help manage tasks. It also has some features you won’t find elsewhere like the ability to easily outsource a task to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk directly from the application. And of course they have mobile access too.


I don’t have a smartphone, but on my dumbphone I just set alarms with text and/or calendar events.


Have been trying pocketinformant on iphone sync with toodledo web based on all my computers. I like he calendar of Pocket Informant but not so much its to dos. So am now looking at the toodledo iphone to go with toodeldo and let pocket informant be just for calendar (and maybe not that even, I might go back to native iphone calendar).


I am one more vote for Toodledo. I use it on my computer (both PC and Mac) plus my iPhone. It is seamless between the two and adds a lot of flexibility that RTM doesn’t have. Folders and sub-tasks are a must, anything else is a glorified check list.
Plus it is very easy to sort things on my computer or my iPhone. That is so important when you have 50-100 active tasks at any one time.


TaskPaper. Syncs easily between two macs and can access task via the web on my Windows PC. Once the iPhone client is up it will be the perfect solution.


Another vote for Toodledo. I have been using Pocket Informant for WM and now for iPhone, so I was kind of forced into it. I have grown to like it though.


Where’s PAPER on the list?

I know, I know, but hey it works. I partially use Google Tasks but until they fix the it-only-works-for-some-google-apps-user bugs (or at least for this google apps user) I can’t fully switch over to it. So I use a combo of paper, google tasks, google calendar and some free tasks app (they are all named like “tasks”) that shows the number of tasks on my iphone home screen… and that works 80% of the time ;)

Frustrated Consumer

I’ll second that! I had to vote ‘calendar’ but really it’s my good ole’ DayTimer that I rely on. I tried going fully electronic several times thinking it would work better – but I found those solutions always carried more overhead than I wanted. I guess I’m truly getting old!



I am suprised you don’t have Outlook/Exchange on the poll as I am sure for a lot of people that will be their primary tool. After all it is highly likely it will what is on their business desktop.



Agreed. I thought that was a glaring ommission considering that many people associate task management with Outlook and I’ve never even heard of any of the other products on this list.


One more for Toodledo! been using the free version for 9 months both on PC and Iphone.
I find it more intuitive that RTM.
Google task is a simple list tool.
Plus there are plugins to display toodledo in Gmail and Google agenda


Lystie.com is a new solution for this old problem. The service is designed to handle both business and personal list management tasks, such as todo lists, project management, shopping lists, etc – all in an interface unburdened by too many doodads. We will be going into private beta shortly. Sign up on the home page for a beta invitation when we go live.


Toodledo for me to. I use tasks in Outlook, as a Google Gadget and on my iPhone.

Toodledo is the only one I’ve found so far that keeps them all in sync.


Count me in for Toodledo as well! And GoPingMe makes a nice addition to it if you need their features as well.


Project Pankaj

I dont think its fair to call Google tasks a “task management system”. More like a personal organizer. A full blown task management system requires group workspaces; a centralized group task management system which allows for scheduling of tasks, assignment of responsibilities and tracking progress; notifications which prompt participants at the right time; attached resources, discussions, graphic displays etc etc etc.

Kevin C. Tofel

Definitely a fair observation. By any chance, do you represent HyperOffice, which does offer task management? Your last two comments (under different names but same IP) have a link to HyperOffice. Since we’re talking about “fairness”, I thought I’d ask. ;)

Ian Betteridge

Actually, I have to disagree: what you’re described is a *team* task management system. For most people, that’s actually overkill.

Project Pankaj

Hi Kevin,

I do represent HyperOffice, which is why I added our link in the url field in the first place. My comment wasn’t promotional in any way was it? It was more my point of view, as someone at HyperOffice, knowing the “task management” domain somewhat more than others.

Kevin C. Tofel

Oh no prob to put a link to HyperOffice in your comment. I’m just a firm believer in transparency so it might be best to disclose the affiliation instead of just a link. I also questioned it because a prior comment left with a HyperOffice link was left under a different name, even though it was the same IP and email address. Again, it’s a transparency thing. No worries. :)


I agree with equationlab. Toodledo is widely supported and as good as RTM. It must be in the list.

Ian Betteridge

ToodleDo is excellent. One thing that I didn’t like about it, though, is the interface which can be a bit confusing and really isn’t particularly pretty.


Have you tried ToodleDo (www.toodledo.com)? I converted from RTM, and it works quite well with implementing GTD.


I am using Toodledo and it is quite usable… Although I would be even more happy if it can hide some UI elements; nevertheless the lower configurability is just a small issue. In general, it is a nice tool.

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