Poll: Google Tasks, Remember the Milk, or Another Solution?


Doesn’t it figure that days after I became a Remember The Milk Pro user, Google graduates Tasks out of beta? Now my wallet is $25 lighter, but I think I’m more productive. The only part I’m debating is if I made the right move. Oh well — even if it cost me $25, Remember The Milk Pro along with the iPhone app with support for pushing task reminders seems to be working. I also noticed that the iPhone web interface works better on my Palm Pre than the standard mobile view. Try http://i.rememberthemilk.com instead of http://m.rememberthemilk.com and you’ll see a huge difference.

Maybe I didn’t give Google’s Tasks a close enough look, but my solution is definitely working for me. Ultimately, that’s what the best task management system needs to do — work for you. I often get asked what task tool I use, so now it’s right back at you. What are you using? I’ve tried various solutions: OmniFocus, Things, RTM, Hiveminder, Google, and various GTD plugins. I really wanted something that was mostly platform independent and could easily be used on the web. How about you?

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