New Palm Pre Case Works With Touchstone Charger


CSR2PMPRE-RD2The Palm (s palm) Pre is one of the coolest phones when paired with the Touchstone charger. This charger feeds the Pre’s battery wirelessly just by popping the Pre onto the Touchstone. The wireless charging feature requires a special back on the phone (included with the charger) that enables the magnetic inductive charging. The only downside to this method is the inability to use a protective case on the Pre while charging. That’s now a thing of the past, according to the folks at Seidio, makers of phone accessories. Their new Innocase Surface for the Palm Pre is out, and works with the Touchstone charger.

The Innocase Surface is a two-piece case that protects the Pre from the daily bumps that all phones experience. It’s only 1 mm thick, so it adds very little bulk to the Pre. What sets it apart from other cases is the ability to drop the Pre on the Touchstone charger while still in the Innocase. According to Seidio, the Innocase Surface allows the phone to charge as it normally does, without the hassle of removing it from the case. The case is available in four colors for the fashion conscious. $29.95



It is not working…I have two charging docks, and the case seems to be to thick and the connection goes on and off…I am sending the case back…the chargers are great!


Wow I’m liking the look of this, might have to pick one up.

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