I Came Within an Inch of Ordering an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA Today


asus-eee-pc-1005haYup, I nearly replaced my MSI Wind netbook this morning. I noticed that ZipZoomFly was offering a stellar deal on the relatively new ASUS Eee PC 1005HA. They had a blue version of the netbook that’s advertised as offering 10.5 hours of battery life for $365.99. Note that the 1005HA comes in three different versions, each with a different battery. If you buy one and want the longest battery life, look for the PU1X model as that comes with a 63Whr battery. The other models are supplied with either a 48Whr or 23Whr power pack.

The ZipZoomFly deal got even sweeter with a 2GB RAM module for an additional $10. That’s a great deal, but in the end, common sense prevailed. I had some nudging from folks, nearly a dozen folks on Twitter as well — it was about 50-50 to buy or not to buy.

I wanted to get a feel for a netbook with approximately double the run time of my Wind. I also wanted to see how the new Intel Atom N280 (s intc) performed, but we’re only talking about a 0.06MHz clock cycle jump. The faster front-side bus might eke out a little more performance, though. In any case, I passed for now. The device is just too similar to what’s been out there for so long. Sure it’s in a nice thin and stylish case, but the minor differences didn’t justify the cost, since I have a capable device.

I did chat with ASUS today and inquired about the 1101HA, so I’m hoping to get a review unit. Had that netbook been available this morning, I probably would have pulled the trigger. I’m intrigued by the middle ground of the 1101HA. It offers an 11.6-inch display with the higher resolution of 1366×768 and runs on the Intel Atom Z-series. After using a 7-inch device and now a 10-inch one, I think that this size might be worth a look.



All our mac stuff was stolen while touring the states. We immediately replaced it with the 1005HA. This little computer travels sooo well and does everything you could want it to and more. All the features are self contained and you don’t need a bunch of peripherals and its so light weight. The price was right and it put us back in the game. I can’t imagine travelling with anything larger ever again.


Just received a 1005HA in the mail yesterday as a demo unit for clients and I think I’ve already convinced one to buy. It doesn’t take much, not only is it more stylish than the Winds or older Eee PCs but the keyboard is a joy to type on. The N280 runs just fine with Windows 7.
@ Kevin, I wouldn’t discount the extra battery life so easily. It sounds trivial to just “bring an extra battery” but that involves making sure you always have a spare charged and making room in your case for that kind of thing. The benefit to all day computing is just that, leave the spare everything at home!

Nothing But Netbooks

I too came within a breath of buying the 1005HA (actually I did order it, but cancelled), but needed something for a business trip, so I went with the 1008HA instead.

Still, very good choice/value if you need a netbook right now.


I just got my 1005 (with the biggest battery) and boy am I pleased. Everything about this machine has exceeded my expectations.

Of course, less than a year ago I was one of the suckers who bought a eeepc 900 for $620 w/shipping… ouch!

FYI anyone with a new-model Subaru Impreza, the 1005 fits perfectly in the cutout on the dash, so it’s a perfect large screen gps/carputer for me.


Sooner or later you’ll back back to a regular laptop, size- and weight-wise. The processor will have the speed of a 4-year old model, of course, and the price will be somewhat lower. ;)


Kevin, if I can give you my opinion, I would really recommend you wait for a Pinetrail netbook with Win 7 loaded. You’ll not only get better performance but better battery life and an up-to-date OS to go.

It took months of nail-biting on my side before I jumped on the HP 2133 last year, but I would STILL not replace my 2133 with anything else except a Pinetrail refresh with a better OS. The N/Z Atoms just don’t light my fire because of the terrible chipset used.

The jump from a Z Atom to an N Atom is only noticeable in select benchmarks, and even then just negligibly. Pinetrail and Medfield promise far better performance more in line with low-end notebooks sold today.

If battery time is your big concern, that can easily be solved with a second pack/hibernation. But if this years and next years software is what you’re looking at running on a netbook, then Win 7/Pinetrail is the way to go. A few more months wait will be very much worth it IMO.


I “augmented” my 2133 with a 2140 HD recently. Moved the 2GB RAM over from the older model, replaced the 160 GB disk with a 250 GB drive I had sitting around and put Win7 RC on it. Pretty nice machine and significantly faster than the 2133. Oh, and the battery life is fairly good, too — and I can use the 6- and 3-cell batteries from my old 2133 with the 2140, so I should be covered for those long ocean-crossing plane rides.

Anyone want to buy a 2133? ;)


Oliver, I would have done the exact same had Intel released PT back in April, except I need something more permanent than an RC OS. Nice job BTW.


I got the Acer AO751 as it basically had Vaio P guts with an 11.6″ 1368×768 screen and a full sized keyboard for $349. You can buy it with the six cell for $399 and get roughly 8 hours of run time (they say).

I put Windows 7 on it and brought it into the office. Costco has sold 3 of them to officemates since then.

I’m still setting up my Vaio P as my Google Voice terminal when I get home tonight (got my Google Voice invite today.) That dedicated A2DP/3G makes it the better “phone” in my book.

Marilyn Jones

I debate about Khinsos (sp) SXS with integrated DVD RW, but really my Wind is great for almost everything.
Loads fast and has good battery life. Nice for watching Hulu


You should have got it, much better than the Wind

I wouldn’t bother with the 11″ models until they start packing better CPU’s

Kevin C. Tofel

Much better than the Wind, how? Aside from battery life, which I could get for far less with a second battery on the Wind. Just curious…


Battery life, CPU, FSB, keyboard, screen, form factor, styling, etc.

Taking ur approach & simply discounting all the recent improvements then it really doesn’t matter what netbook you buy, they’re all the same.

Personally, I just think you don’t wanna spend the money. So why keep writing articles on the 1005? its arguably the best overall netbook out right now.

Richard Lawler

I am also torn. Although I can’t figure out if opting for the matte display with a slightly lower battery life and slower processor is worth the tradeoff. It’s so difficult. My finger’s been hovering over the buy button for a week now.

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmm. Aside from battery life, all other attributes are marginally better or very similar. I thought I had overlooked something, but no. In the end, it’s too similar to what I have now to justify the investment. Thx!

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