Daily Sprout

Wal-Mart Plans Environmental Reporting, Labels: Wal-Mart is requiring manufacturers to report the full environmental costs of their products, and plans to distill the data into green ratings that shoppers will eventually see alongside prices, a move that could “redefine the design of products sold around the globe — or turn into a costly boondoggle.” — Wall Street Journal

Converging Environmental Markets: The proposed a cap and trade system could link hundreds of environmental markets and boost their liquidity significantly, but integrating programs designed to offset habitat destruction, for example, into policies meant to fight climate change could be a tough task for regulators. — Greenwire via NYT

Canada Offers New Carrots for EVs: Ontario today announced that it will offer consumers subsidies of 4,000-10,000 Canadian dollars ($3,600 to $8,900) for plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles, starting next July. — NYT’s Green Inc.

UK Unveils Low-Carbon Transition Plan: The UK government has unveiled detailed plans for transitioning to a low-carbon economy and meeting its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to 34 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. — Guardian

DOE Unlocks $52.5M for Solar: The Department of Energy today announced plans to award funds for up to 13 concentrating solar power projects (including research and prototypes) for a total of up to $52.5 million. — Press Release