3 Ways to Sync Music on a Palm Pre Now That iTunes Blocks It



So the great experiment is over. What used to work with the Palm Pre (s PALM) no longer does, as the result of Apple’s new iTunes 8.2.1 (s aapl) software. I’m talking about the ability to synchronize DRM-free iTunes music with the Pre handset. It was fun while it lasted, but Apple has effectively shut it down for now, says PreCentral.

Most of us figured that this functionality was on borrowed time at best. Masquerading a Pre to look like an iPod was clever on the part of Palm. But in the end, Palm has no control over iTunes. Apple does.

Long story short: This isn’t as terrible as it sounds from an end user perspective. While it would be easier for some folks to use iTunes, there are alternatives. We’ve covered DoubleTwist and The Missing Sync before and although the latter only works on a Mac, both are viable options. Or you could use the simple but manual method I show above: Plug in your Pre via USB and put it in USB Drive mode. From there, you simply drag and drop music as needed. It’s not pretty, but it works with practically no effort.

Might Palm try to circumvent the new block from Apple? Perhaps, but I don’t think it’s likely. I expect that Palm simply tried to buy time until third-party developers created tools to sync music between the Pre and a computer.



please help i just got this phone and need ringtones what do i do which web site lets u sync music???

Russell Samuels


I just wanted to let you know that MediaMonkey 3.2 has just been released and it supports Music (incl. album art) & Playlist synchronization with the Palm Pre.



Can someone explain to me what I have been missing? I have been using drag and drop to fill devices. I did it long before iTunes came around and I still find it easier than the bloatware that Apple tries to push onto unsuspecting computers.


So when people were thinking that MS would block Office Live on Chrome (just because it was Chrome), everyone was getting ready to cry foul, but this is okay?

It’s not like theres a technical compatibility issue, they’re literally just blocking out the Palm Pre because its the Palm Pre.


This move once again exposes the lie that Apple is a “better” company than Microsoft. They both feed from the monopolist trough. I second the comment by @Cirrob to just boycott Apple along with its soul brother Micro$oft.


Let’s just wait for linux hackers to re-enable the feature.


Hopefully this doesn’t happen with BlackBerry. Right now you can sync your playlist from your iTunes to your BlackBerry.


Or just stop using itunes all together and buy your music from amazon or napster etc. Use a third party sync (which itunes was for the pre anyway) and let apple rot in hell. Apple = Sony when it comes to controlling the consumer.


UNless there’s a compelling reason to update, why not just stick with the last version of itunes? Is 8.2.1 a necessary upgrade?


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