The Future of Virtual Worlds, MMOs and Social Gaming


virtualworldstrends.gifMuch like every other aspect of our lives, Moore’s Law, the growing availability of broadband — both at home and on our mobile phones — and new web technologies are disrupting the video game industry. In his new GigaOM Pro report,”Virtual Worlds: Trends & Opportunities,” contributing editor and member of the GigaOM Analyst network, Wagner James Au, highlights some of the key shifts taking place in gaming, especially when it comes to MMOs and virtual worlds.

From the rise of cloud-based gaming companies to social gaming giants, the report highlights some key trends and offers a road map of the future. Gaming consoles, for example, are opening up to more social features, which may create new opportunities for gaming developers. Netbooks, meanwhile, are helping to shift the focus to web-based MMOs, resulting in new opportunities for startups. A little over two years old, the iPhone has become an extension platform not only for existing MMO experiences but also for a growing number of games that use social networks as their platforms.

If you’re interested in this business, you will find this report to be an invaluable way to get up to speed on this fast-changing industry. To obtain a copy of it — and get access to a myriad of others — simply sign up for a GigaOM Pro subscription-only research service, for just $79 a year.

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