Rackspace Opens Up Its Cloud for All

Logo_lockup_version-2 SPOTRackspace (s rax) said today that it will release the APIs for its Cloud Servers product, which provides on-demand, per-instance-based computing. Releasing the APIs means a variety of companies — such as RightScale — will be able to build products and development platforms using Rackspace’s cloud without going through its control panel to manually allocate the necessary servers. This helps bring Cloud Servers, which Rackspace acquired through its purchase of Slicehost last year, into the same league as Amazon’s (s amzn) EC2, which already allows developers to build platforms and management products on Amazon’s cloud through its own APIs.

Emil Sayegh, general manager of the Rackspace Cloud, says the company plans plants to add more features to its cloud products over the next few weeks, such as backing up information to Cloud Files (the Rackspace storage cloud) automatically, and Windows in the cloud. These are both features Amazon Web Services already has. Saygegh also says Rackspace plans to release its API to the open source community, which may speed the development of an open API for building programs on cloud platforms.