Has Another UMPC Maker Left the Market?


everunnoteWhile the UMPC market has faded over the past few years, a few companies have survived to offer useful handheld computers. Those who stayed in the market enjoyed the hardware, finally becoming capable of offering decent performance coupled with reasonable battery life. Raon Digital is one of those companies, and it creates devices like the Vega, Everun and Everun Note. The Everun Note (shown) is actually more like a netbook of today than a UMPC of yesteryear, but you can see the UMPC roots in it. But will it be around much longer?

Pocketables makes note of some tips that Raon Digital may have filed for bankruptcy. There’s no official word from the company at this point. In fact, if you gauge the company’s current status by its web site, it doesn’t look good. The site is showing an “unavailable” message, which doesn’t bode well. I have some feelers out for more information and will update if I hear anything. At this point, though, my gut says we may have lost another UMPC maker. That’s a shame if true, because the UMPC is making a small comeback due to innovative and useful devices like those from Viliv.

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