Document Palette: Creating New Documents From the Desktop

Document Palette app

Windows users have long had the ability to create a new document for any application they have installed from the desktop with a simple right-click. Many switchers probably miss that capability, and I must admit that I never understood the need for it on the Mac — until I actually started using it.

Document Palette, a free application from Cold Pizza Software, gives Windows switchers and long-time Mac OS X users searching for yet another way to save time, the ability to create new documents in the Finder with a quick keyboard shortcut.

Creating a new document from the Document Palette bezel

Creating a new document from the Document Palette bezel

Document Palette runs in the background and is invoked by hitting Command + Control + Option + N. Doing so brings up a semi-opaque bezel (much like the built-in Application Switcher) containing document icons from which you can choose to create new documents. By default, a plain text, rich text and HTML file are available, but you can add your own document types simply by dragging a document into the Document Palette application list window.

Adding application documents & shortcuts

Adding application documents & shortcuts

What makes this a really handy app is that all documents created are copies of the original document you drag in the Document Palette app list. This allows you to essentially create a starting template for any type of document.

You can also assign a keyboard shortcut for each specific type of app document which you can use once you invoke the Document Palette bezel window.

This is one of those features I wish Apple had built into OS X, and I’m sure one many Windows switchers are left scratching their head looking for. Document Palette is free, and requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later — great news for those who haven’t upgraded to Leopard yet!


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