Thin Bluetooth Headset Charges Inside a Notebook


mogo-talkRegular readers likely remember the MoGo Mouse from Newton Peripherals. It’s the über-thin Bluetooth mouse that’s so skinny, it can fit into a PC Card slot for storage and to be charged. Newton thinks it’s onto something with this approach, because it’s just announced the MoGo Talk.

No, this new MoGo product isn’t a talking mouse. The MoGo Talk is a small, thin Bluetooth headset that measures a 24mm x 50mm x 5mm and weighs in at only 9 grams. With a miniscule size like that, there can’t be much room for the battery, but Newton says you can talk for four hours with the headset. It also offers a week of standby time. To save space, the MoGo Talk works with a flexible ear tip to block out ambient noise. There isn’t an ear clip or loop on the headset.

Instead of using a PC Card slot, the MoGo Talk works with Express Card, which surprised me a little. I really haven’t seen that form factor take off like many thought it would. Still, it’s amazing that a fully usable Bluetooth headset can fit inside your notebook. The MoGo Talk has a suggested retail price of $99.99 and is available direct from the MoGo Store. You might not have seen the MoGo Store before: If it turns sideways, you can’t see it. Now that’s skinny!

In the store I also see a MoGo Talk adapter for the iPhone (s aapl) that should be shipping next month. It appears to be a combination case and holder for both the phone and MoGo Talk.




There’s also a Mogo Mouse that fits in the ExpressCard 54 slot as opposed to PCMCIA. I’ve got it and it’s surprisingly great, even though its thin and small.

This looks to be Expresscard 34 instead, which gives better compatibility for more notebooks. If I had need for a Bluetooth headset I think I’d definitely check this out.

Simon Dale

Yeah, I totally agree with Deli-x. were selling off those Acer PC Card Bluetooth Headset for £9.99 for ages. They seem to have fianlly got rid of them all now, of they binned them!

Also, is this really news. It seems to have been qnncounced in March 2007:

If it’s not the same it’s very similiar.

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