Vodafone UK’s Free Netbook Deal Highlights American Carrier Challenges


Image 1 for post Samsung NC10 netbook reviewed( 2008-10-28 23:19:46) Vodafone UK’s latest netbook deal highlights two main differences between the European and American markets. Here we haven’t seen many high-end subsidized netbooks bundled with broadband service. Typically, the deals here include a base model from HP (s HPQ). I’ve called for more choice if we’re going to subsidize netbooks here. In fact, one of the brands I mentioned in that point was Samsung. That’s the brand that Vodafone UK is offering for free. It’s your basic netbook, but the NC10 does offer excellent battery life — upwards of six to seven hours. Just beating out Sprint’s (s) 99-cent deal, this Samsung NC10 is fully subsidized and free, provided you pair it with a two-year data plan. And that illustrates the second difference.

Vodafone UK gives customers two options to gain a free netbook. Both are two-year deals, just like we see here in the U.S. The difference is in the two tiers of pricing and throughput. For a free NC10 netbook, customers can pay 25 pounds ($40.26) a month for 1GB of data or 30 pounds a month for 3GB. We have two tiers here as well, but most folks opt for the second because the first is woefully inadequate. For $39.99 a month, we can nab between 200MB and 250MB a month, depending on the carrier. We can opt for that small sip or we can gulp a 5GB cap for $59.99 a month. There is no in between, and for most folks, it simply makes sense to pay the extra $20 for up to 25 times more monthly throughput.

Not only does the EU have my beloved Tour de France, but it has better mobile broadband deals as well. I think I’m going to move.



Watchout though if you’re considering getting the NC10 netbook package from Vodafone – it only comes with a 3-cell battery unlike the 6 cell version the standard retail Samsung is packaged with, meaning you will barely get 3 hour’s use unlike the 7+ hours all the reviews rave about and one of the NC10’s strongest selling points.

John in Norway

If you want to watch Formula 1 live, don’t move to Norway!

Philip Ferris

Yay, move to Cornwall you’d all love it and I’d get to have coffee with and chat, plus I am sure we could get james to visit and the phones over here have enticed Matt before.


A UK typical stand alone mobile broadband is £15 a month for 3gb with the dongle thrown in. So the “£30 and get an NC10” deal means you are paying 24 x £15, or £360, for the Netbook across the two years. You would probably pay around £300 for the NC10 – so pretty reasonable for financing across 2 years.

That said – Three charge £15 a Month for 15gb mobile broadband. So there’s plenty of choice! I went for the Three deal partnered with a MiFi!

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