The iPhone, IT, and the Enterprise

Fortune has a nice article on discussions with IT professionals with regards to the iPhone. I especially like this quote from a former CIO:

“What’s interesting about the iPhone is [that] the capability of the device is tremendous,” he added. “We’re looking closely at it. There are a lot of people in IT who play around with it. So I wouldn’t say we have our heads in the sand. And as Apple catches up on the centralized management issues, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we would replace BlackBerrys with iPhones, or add iPhones to the mix.”

I like the quote because it’s realistic. If you’re rolling thousands of these things out, then RIM is ahead of the curve in terms of manageability at this point. But, as he states, Apple is getting there. Someone with this attitude gives me hope that they’ll give the iPhone a fair review, keep an eye on it, and potentially roll it out as improvements dictate. With this kind of attitude, RIM should be worried.

On the other hand, there are still some backwoods folks, the kind RIM loves and hope to keep in its pocket forever:

“Frankly,” added a second, “some management in our organization think it’s more of a toy/gimmick thing because of the way it’s marketed.”

Ah, yes, the old “toy” argument. Just like a Mac was a “toy” 25 years ago. As if being fun, easy to use, and a major leap forward is a curse. Did they never consider that if a device is easy to use people will, you know, use it? Wouldn’t that be a benefit to their company? How short-sighted can a company get?


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