Lindsey Graham and the Failure of Real-Time Search

grahamI’m a political junkie in my spare time, so I have the Sotomayor confirmation hearings playing on C-SPAN as I write today. But while I heard some of Lindsey Graham’s surprisingly honest and heartfelt opening statement, I missed a chunk of it. Alas, I don’t have a DVR, so I couldn’t just hit “rewind.”

First I tried to find it using Twitter Search. That wasn’t much help, as it was mostly filled with people talking about one particular quip made by the senator. I tried OneRiot, but was presented with similar Twitter results and no real-time video or transcripts. Google (s goog) linked me to Graham’s Wikipedia entry, as well as to the official Senate home page — plus some older videos on YouTube. Bing (s msft) was similarly useless.

I finally found the video by hunting around on C-SPAN’s site and finding a DVR-esque video stream of the confirmation proceedings that let me go back and find just what I wanted to see — but I had to hunt for it. It wasn’t something a search engine could have found for me. Now that some time has passed, of course, the video has been excerpted, making it much easier to find. That’s not really “real-time,” though. That’s just “recent.”