With HyperSpace & Moblin Who Needs Google's Chrome OS

[qi:gigaom_icon_netbook] HyperSpace, a technology designed to make notebooks/netbooks turn on almost instantly in order to provide users quick access to common functions, is being integrated with Moblin, the Linux-based open-source OS that is the gleam in Intel’s (s intc) eye, HyperSpace maker Phoenix Technologies (s ptec) said today. Milpitas, Calif.-based Phoenix makes the BIOS in just about every Windows PC out there. With HyperSpace, the user hits the power button and in a few seconds has access to the web, document editing and other tasks, as demonstrated in this video.

Intel and Phoenix plan to work closely with OEMs to bring HyperSpace to a full line of netbooks. The two companies believe HyperSpace coupled with Atom processors will revolutionize the netbook market:

“The combination of Moblin and HyperSpace will deliver a more satisfying and rich experience for ultra-mobile consumers,” said Doug Fisher, vice president of Intel Software and Services Group and general manager, System Software Division. “Both improve instant access to the web and other applications, dramatically extend battery life, and optimize emerging new classes of ultra-sleek, ultra-mobile computing devices, including Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor based netbooks and nettops. We look forward to joining forces with Phoenix to encourage OEMs and ODMs to use Moblin-based operating systems on netbooks and other small form factor devices.”