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Teen’s Research Note: We Don’t Buy News, Do Steal Music, Hate Twitter

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Morgan Stanley’s media analyst business is getting good press after asking 15-year-old intern Matthew Robson to pen its latest research note – giving a teen’s view on digital media. We’re not quite sure how just one career-minded kid with all the right buzzwords can speak for a nation of teenagers (see Suw Charman’s post on that), but here are the highlights (full note here)…

Newspapers: “No teenager that I know of regularly reads a newspaper, as most do not have the time and cannot be bothered to read pages and pages of text while they could watch the news summarised on the internet or on TV. The only newspapers that are read are tabloids and freesheets mainly because of cost; teenagers are very reluctant to pay for a newspaper.”

Internet: “Facebook is the most common social network, with nearly everyone with an internet connection registered and visiting >4 times a week. Teenagers do not use Twitter. Most have signed up to the service, but then just leave it as they release that they are not going to update it (mostly because texting Twitter uses up credit, and they would rather text friends with that credit). In addition, they realise that no one is viewing their profile, so their

3 Responses to “Teen’s Research Note: We Don’t Buy News, Do Steal Music, Hate Twitter”

  1. Lee Morgan

    Hey, we can all have teen interns. But at the People's Republic of South Devon we've got one who would rather work of a not-for-profit media company than a… er… financial services giant.

    From our experience teens are at once more connected and far less connected than you'd think – and a lot of them have that most anti-social social networks to deal with – school.

    Find out what our teen says in <a title="Danmn those tight-fisted teens, on the People's Republic of South Devon" href="; target="_blank">Damn those tight fisted teens, on the People's Republic of South Devon</a>

  2. A lot of the above I wouldn't have thought you would a had to dig to deep into the research to find out. For example, I don't think it is just kids that don't like pop up marketing. PC gaming has no place because of purpose built, suped up machines. And you must have been living under a rock if you didn't know that you could get pirated new release movies.

    Scott from the <a href="">domestic wind turbines</a> hub.

  3. Jamie Poitra

    It sounds like it was written by a kid. Interesting idea but I'm not sure it translates into something an executive is going to read and then feel confident about.

    Also British kids must be different than US kids as most of the kids in the US don't spend their own money on their cell phones or cell phone plans. It's usually Mom and Dad picking up that tab.