Video: NBC Sports Loves Silverlight After Smooth Wimbledon

4 Comments (s GE) project manager Eric Black was on hand at Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Silverlight 3 event on Friday to talk up the network’s commitment to use Silverlight for all its coming major sporting event HD streaming, including the Vancouver Olympics. We followed up with him afterward to ask about the site’s just-finished sportscast, that of Wimbledon 2009. It was one of the first implementations of Silverlight’s new, smooth streaming.

While fans were justifiably P.O.’ed at NBC’s delays of matches both on TV and on-air, Black reports a respectable watching group for the finals last Sunday morning. Actual numbers should be out this week. Microsoft bragged at the presentation that all 35-plus hours of streamed tennis from six different courts were powered by two servers.

Black said is committed to Silverlight, but it hasn’t figured out which other streaming partners it likes best. For Wimbledon the site used iStreamPlanet, but NBC has also worked with or announced plans to work with Move Networks, Conviva and Pando. Update: Black notes in the video the NBC will be working with iStream on the Olympics, which had been previously unannounced.


Liz Gannes

@ AC – Not trying to be bitchy, just direct! I guess it’s harder to get across the tone when you’re behind the camera.


Pretty difficult to pry me away from DirecTV’s WimbledonMix of 6 HD channels to pick and choose from – and then record that channel on my HD-DVR while surfing around on the others – if I felt like it.

No PPV – available to every D* subscriber.

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