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Palm Pre Kicks Off With NFL Mobile This Season

nfl-mobileJust when I thought I could give up on Fantasy Football, something has lured me back in. Honestly, it’s probably easier for me to just donate my $50 entry fee than actually spend time and effort playing the game. No, I’ll be hooked again and it’s all Pre Central’s fault. They were tipped off that Sprint’s (s s) NFL Mobile service hits the Palm Pre (s PALM) on August 1. A Sprint support page confirms the info: The NFL Mobile app is slated for over-the-air delivery to existing Palm Pre owners, while all new Pre handsets sold after that will have the software pre-loaded.

There shouldn’t be an extra charge based on the NFL Mobile product page, as the service should work with Sprint’s Simply Everything data plan. That’s good, since I’m already contributing to my local league, not to mention the time, effort and anguish invested in sad results on a weekly basis. How could I have had the No. 1 pick last year and blown it on an underperforming LaDainian Tomlinson? Ugh. In any case, I’ll be watching live NFL Network games, listening to game audio of other games and getting Red Zone alerts right on my handheld. Maybe that will offset the pain and misery of my poorly performing team?

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